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Target’s Social Media Fail…

Aas we mentioned last week US based retailer Target were communicating with their customers via a “fake” social media profile and blog leading up to the launch of their Missioni x Target collection. The collection went on sale this week and after a delay of approx 6 hours, the products were live on the website and available for purchase… until it crashed. Its believed the overwhelming response to the collaboration caused unprecedented levels of traffic. Target was nowhere to be seen… no tweeting, no Facebook updates and no public announcements.

There are literally thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of angry posts on their Target Style Facebook page where fans have taken to, starting their own dialogue… even creating a “swap shop” for those who managed to get their hands on products that are willing to trade with those who didn’t (social media and community at its BEST here!)

So it seems Target have over marketed and under stocked this product but what the real issue is that they didn’t use their communication channels to address their customers and to help calm the masses which continued to go back to the website to check if more products were available, in turn causing it to continue to crash…

Whats all this got to do with your small business? Well, its simple…

-Don’t over market unless you have the means to deliver

-Communicate with your customers where they are (in this case on Facebook)

-Create positive brand experiences using social media by offering “exclusives” to those talking about you

-Don’t hide from your customers, it will cause long term damage. Be open, honest and upfront, even when the heat is on… ESPECIALLY when the heat is on

-Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Image: target

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This week at Social Media Daily…

Welcome to our new Friday wrap up posts.

Whats with the Friday wrap up?

-Created with you in mind, so you can quickly scan and digest all of our posts from the week….

-Created with us in mind as we like the idea of a “day off” from blogging

-Perfect for checking out on a Friday at 4.30 as its remotely work related and should fill the dreaded 4.30-5.00 pm gap (Gin in coffee mug optional)

-Share it with your boss and look like a genius

This week on Social Media Daily…

-Social Media profile “check up”

-Target creates fake social media profile to promote new product launch

-Fashion hauling – what it is, and why you should know about it!

-Social Media for business… whats next?

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This week at Social Media Daily

Welcome to our new Friday wrap up posts.

Whats with the Friday wrap up?

-Created with you in mind, so you can quickly scan and digest all of our posts from the week….

-Created with us in mind as we like the idea of a “day off” from blogging

-Perfect for checking out on a Friday at 4.30 as its remotely work related and should fill the dreaded 4.30-5.00 pm gap (Gin in coffee mug optional)

-Share it with your boss and look like a genius

This week on Social Media Daily…

-Sunrise uses social media and crowd sourcing to program daily show

-Update your Facebook and or Twitter profile TODAY

-If you are hiring a social media “expert”…

-Social Media/ Crowdsourced Feature film “Life In A Day” released today.

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Good causes get Social

Hey small businesses, take a look at what the NFP sector are doing and how they are using social media to promote their brand, leverage interest with their “customer” and creating something FAD (Funny, Awesome, Different) to cut through the noise.

The Daffodil Foundation is holding its annual fundraising event in August to braise much needed funds for the Cancer Council of Australia. Their major sponsors Sorbent have come up with a great campaign which involves members of the public uploading a video of themselves to YouTube singing the 80′s classic “I’m walking on sunshine” For each video uploaded, Sorbent will donate $10 to the Cancer Council. Over 600 videos have been uploaded and the travelling “Sorbent Singing Pod” will continue to offer people the opportunity to access the technology to do so in public areas in major cities.

We love this totally “sharable” innovative approach to fundraising and hope to see more of it. To find out more visit Sorbent Daffodil Day and start tuning up those voices!


Here is what the Cancer Council does and why you should support their fundraising efforts on the 25th August:

  • Daffodil Day 2011 is Friday 26th August
  • This year Daffodil Day celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Australia
  • Website URL: www.daffodilday.com.au
  • Info line: 1300 65 65 85
  • Daffodil Day is for all of us to give hope for a brighter, cancer-free future
  • The largest national fundraising event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, Daffodil Day raises essential funds for cancer research, prevention and support services
  • The daffodil is the international symbol of hope for all touched by cancer
  • This year Daffodil Day aims to raise over $9.5 million to fund the cancer control initiatives, patient support and research services of Cancer Council’s eight state and territory member organisations
  • More than 10,000 volunteers are expected to staff over 1,200 Daffodil Day sites across Australia

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“Why I fly Qantas” social media campaign and why you should support it’s pilots

OK, I confess, I LOVE Qantas. I love them so much that on my trip to NYC last month, when they lost my bags, I was the one that felt bad for having to call the airport staff to report the bag lost. I love Qantas so much that Ill go out of my way to travel with them, even if it means layovers, extended journeys and re routing my travel plans. I love them so much that I have a collection of amenities and eye masks that jump out of my desk draw like snakes from a can. I love them so much that I crave the bircher muesli from the Qantas Club breakfast buffet. You can see what I’m getting at here… I really love Qantas.

So, when I saw their latest social media campaign “Why I Fly Qantas” I was pretty excited. I mean I’m practically a brand ambassador for them, if it wasn’t for John Travolta that gig would be mine. As I scanned the entries, I felt that no one understood how much I loved Qantas and none of the entrants could articulate how they loved Qantas more than me… but that’s not the point… The point is 99.9% of the thousands of entries I scanned all mentioned at least one of the following reasons “Why they Fly Qantas”

Safety and Pilots.

Qantas launched this campaign off the back of the demise of low cost airline Tiger Air. Playing to the  Australian public’s nostalgic and sentimental side. Hamming up the “patriotic” message and basking in the glory of their squeaky clean safety record. In the meantime another campaign around Qantas has popped up, one that if you fly Qantas because of safety and pilots, you should probably be aware of www.qantaspilots.com.au

The Qantas pilots have bound together in their own campaign which is doing the rounds on social media and has done quite well in terms of viral. The campaign is centered around the argument that by sending jobs offshore (pilots, crews etc) that safety is being compromised. This campaign has no big budget, but a big serious message.

Enter the “Why I Fly Qantas” competition here (to win a first class round trip to anywhere!) and if your answer is that you fly Qantas because of their well trained pilots and safety record, take a moment to support the campaign (no first class tickets here… just a warm fuzzy patriotic feeling)

You are probably thinking that I am related to or live with a Qantas employee. Well, the answer is no, I have nothing to disclose here, other than my love for this great Australian brand.

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iBlog fashion and beauty

Want to find all of the fashion and beauty bloggers in Australia in one convenient online directory… well this is your lucky day!

If your business is in the highly competitive Fashion or Beauty industry, get yourself over to this site and make a start on identifying  which bloggers you should make contact with to help you communicate your brands message.

Launched in December 2009 by Helen Lee, she wanted to create a website which brought Australian fashion blogging and the public relations and marketing world closer together. So we created an introductory document to fashion blogging (aka iBlogFashion Issue 1) – what is it, how public relations executives and marketers can work with fashion bloggers and more.

The site has a log in for bloggers and another for those looking to discover which bloggers are listed on their directory. Bloggers need to supply key metrics (which are verified by iblogfashioandbeauty) so you know that its all legit.

Click here to discover iblogfashionandbeauty

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Retail and Social Media trends 2012

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the WGSN 2012 winter trends edit.For those of you unfamiliar with WGSN,  and what they do, well, they are a trend forecasting consultancy. WGSN, can tell you what you will be wearing up to two years in advance. Not only do they predict fashion trends, the predict retail trends and this years presentation was VERY much about integrating social media into the retail environment.

The big trend coming out of WGSN’s presentation was the further integrated use of UGC (user generated content) and allowing your customers to connect with your brand in deeper and more meaningful ways. The transaction no longer ends at the checkout, its about your customers becoming advocates and evangelists for your brand.

WGSN went on to say that fashion is slowing down (thank goodness for that!) however that does not mean you will not be interacting with your customer as much, actually its the opposite of that.

We posted a few weeks ago that bloggers are now more influential than Hollywood when it comes to promoting products and it is expected that this trends will continue to grow. peer to peer recommendations will be the driving force behind most day-to-day purchases.


WGSN provided so many insights as to what they believe fashion retailing to look like in 2012, that we are BURSTING at the seams with ideas! Stay tuned for some more fashion trend updates!

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Flickr’s Royal Wedding album with a twist

It seems as though everywhere you turn these days there is Royal Wedding fever. Magazine racks are full of “royal wedding exclusives”, and the worlds media are preparing to travel to the UK to cover the event. Despite all of this media coverage and the scramble to capture a glimpse of the happy couple, photo sharing site Flickr has announced its bid to capture some of the traffic and make it a suitably social occasion.

Flickr has launched a group and contest to crowd source related photographs from around the world. The project has been named “The Peoples Royal Wedding” album and Flickr are asking for people all around the world to contribute.

“Whether people are watching on TV, heading to London, holding a street party, making novelty baked or knitted goods, we want to see the pictures,”

Users can upload their photos to the Flickr group on their desktops, and/or using the Flickit iPhone app.
UK entrants can also compete for a chance to win a £5,000 honeymoon if their photo is deemed the best.

Image: Knit your own royal wedding

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The future of online retailing is here…

Earlier in the week fashionistas started making noise about Google’s newest product aimed at online shoppers,  boutiques.com. The new product is a great example of how the future of online retailing is going to look with websites providing tailor made experiences for its shoppers/members.

The official word on boutiques.com is ” Boutiques.com takes fashion personally. Shop mini boutiques curated by style icons or create your own with designer clothing from the hottest stores online.
In other words, those heels, that look and that celeb inspired outfit you have been trawling the web for, is just a few clicks away. How? Well… boutiques.com KNOWS what you like. Based on your profile, your interactions with the site and a few other i-really-dont-want-to-know-how-much-Google-is-spying-on-me techniques, boutiques.com provides a completely bespoke internet experience.

As a regular online shopper who spends more than an acceptable amount of time searching for fashion this is an AMAZING new resource. As an online retailer and owner of a fashion business, this absolutely scares the pants of me! Keeping up with the fast moving web has never been more important. Fashion brands who haven’t yet joined the world of online retailing will really start to feel the effects of being left behind once this type of technology becomes the “norm”

And its not just fashion that this new bespoke approach will change. Think travel, books, food… the possibilities are endless!

Check out boutiques.com today!

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Wedding Photographers embrace Facebook

Traditionally wedding photographers have had weeks, sometimes months to provide their “proof”images to to their happy couples. Smart and savvy wedding photographers are jumping on the social networking bandwagon and leveraging sites such as facebook to wow their customers, build their brands and entice new clients by adding “rushes” of the happy couples nuptials whilst they are still dancing the night away at their wedding reception.

Savvy operators who understand the benefits of using social media are uploading albums and impressing clients and its as easy as just a few clicks.

Imagine how impressed your bride and groom will be if you beat the masses to it and upload DECENT pics of their wedding and tag them (so their friends and family can see how amazing the event was) before the drunken friends shots make the world wide web. The images that you upload don’t need to be amazingly re touched, they can be watermarked and even low res. The point is that all of their friends see your brand, they see you as being, fast, professional and savvy.

-Build your business by providing awesome customer service (after al they say social networking is the new customer service)

-Spread the word by leveraging your customer base and exposing your brand to their friends (ie through “likes”)

-Don’t be afraid to share your content. Providing your images so soon after the wedding will have a positive effect on your customers perception of you (and wont necessarily mean they don’t “spend” as much

Have a think about how your photography business can leverage social media today (there are many more options beyond Facebook) and start getting creative…

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