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Looking for love? Try Google…

Google has announced its annual most searched terms for 2011 and there is no surprise that the topics of love and celebrity dominated the search terms.

Other terms ranking highly were Steve Jobs and his iPhone 5 (yet to be released) Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber and mega events such as The Royal Wedding and The Rugby World Cup.

This new data isn’t really surprising, however there is a significant opportunities for small business and bloggers to catch some of the traffic, with DIY featuring heavily in 2011, especially anything to do with… weddings!

So, make your new years resolution to spend a few hours a week on your social media AND your SEO in 2011

Image: Google

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Prepare your social media for the summer break

Are you planning a few weeks off over the christmas new year period? Looking at locking the doors and heading off for a few weeks for beach reading, sleep in’s and afternoon naps?

The great Australian summer awaits and just because you are taking a leave of absense from yuor business, it doesn’t mean that your social media marketing needs to go AWOL…

Prepare for the summer by creating an arsenal of content that you can release via autoated tools such as Hootsuite. If you start creating content that will continue to engage your customers and fans, its a  sure fire way to have them waiting for you upon your return, avoiding the dreaded January slump.

Tips for preparing your social media for the summer:

-Create x1 new piece of content each week starting this week and you will have enough to get you through the break. By staring now, you are avoiding a “last minute” approach which with both stress you out and be evident in the type of content you produce.

-Create “useful” holiday based content. Checklists on your niche (ie: Summer Holiday Car Care for mechanics or for the pet industry, 10 tops tips to keep your pet cool this summer.

-Use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule and release your content

-Check your social media profiles every few days (you can do it on your iphone on the beach!)


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Bring home the bacon in 2011 with these social media starters…

More than half of Australia’s small businesses intend on engaging with their audience via social media in 2011 and with the end of the year fast approaching its time to get cracking on your social media strategy if you haven’t started already. Bring home the bacon in 2011 with these proven and winning strategies and end 2011 with a bang!

Before you start getting clicky and creating profiles on lots of different social networks, stop! Read on to make sure you are ticking all of your boxes when it comes to getting your social media marketing campaign off the ground…

  • Define your objectives
  • Listen  to what your customers are saying before you start talking
  • Go to where you customers are. If they are on Facebook, head there, if they are on Twitter… venture over there and see whats happening
  • Be consistent with your messages, speak to your customers in the same tone as your would normally
  • Be useful. Provide value
  • Respond and acknowledge your audience
  • Ask your customers what they want from you online
  • Be open and honest

By thinking strategically about your campaign and defining what it is that you want out of your social media marketing you will be in a great position to put your best foot forward…

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Social media; not a trend but a forced evolution

Social media and its impact on reputation stewardship is a hotly discussed topic in any organisation.  But a digital frontier little explored is the area of social media and internal communications.

Just as organisations must establish their own social media strategy or risk becoming part of some else’s, an internal social media strategy can reduce the office rumour-mill risk that all practitioners dread.

Social media is not a trend it is a forced evolution, and it is changing habits and behaviours, and importantly, expectations for message delivery.  With an increasing blur of the lines between the general public, stakeholders, media and citizen journalists, employees have become the biggest advocate or representative of an organisation.

There are a lot of pros for utilising social media platforms for employee communications; social media can reduce communications costs, increase access to information and breakdown the tyranny of hierarchy within an organisation.  It eradicates the formal tone of email – the default communications tool within most organisations – and can elevate hidden expertise within a company.  The rise of the mobile workforce almost demands it.

There are of course cons to consider before rushing off and hiring a digital specialist, including the impact on employees who are not social media savvy, the potential drain on company resources and the risks associated with leaving a digital footprint.

If well researched, planned and implemented, a social media strategy can make the world of difference for an organisation.  Some tips to consider:

  1. Question why you are using social media for internal communication.  Does the platform meet the needs of the organisation?
  2. Uncover the goals of the organisation and marry business goals to social media objectives.
  3. Link social media strategy with the organisation’s internal communications strategy.
  4. Establish a Social Media Council consisting of all business units in the organisation. This will ensure wide-ranging input into the strategy and will enhance buy-in during the implementation phase.
  5. Engage management from the start and invite managers to become social media ‘champions’.
  6. Know your employees; audience segmentation is as important for internal audiences as it is for external audiences.
  7. Assign roles and encourage ownership of pages and platforms.
  8. Promote a self moderating environment.
  9. Manage expectations internally; ensure colleagues are realistic of what social media can achieve.
  10. Report, report, report.


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This week at Social Media Daily…

Whats with the Friday wrap up?
-Created with you in mind, so you can quickly scan and digest all of our posts from the week….
-Created with us in mind as we like the idea of a “day off” from blogging
-Perfect for checking out on a Friday at 4.30 as its remotely work related and should fill the dreaded 4.30-5.00 pm gap (Gin in coffee mug optional)
-Share it with your boss and look like a genius

This week on Social Media Daily…

How Not For Profit Organsations use Social Media
Start Blogging and build your professional reputation
Are you selling online? Get ready for the Xmas rush with our 5 tips!
Run a Facebook Competition with Offerpop- FREE!

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Run a Facebook Competition with Offerpop- FREE!

Last week we stumbled upon Offerpop a FREE social media 3rd party application that allows you to run competitions the LEGIT way… did we mention its FREE?

Check out Offerpop and make a start on your LEGIT Facebook “like” campaign today… there are literally NO excuses!


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Are you selling online? Get ready for the Xmas rush with our 5 tips!

Is your business in the business of selling stuff? Do you have an online presence that could use a little sprucing up before the impending xmas rush? Put some finishing touches or even add a few enhancements and you could have your online store firing on all cylinders. Combine this with your social media profiles and you have yourself half a campaign… Just think about how much potential there is to have a bumper end of the year by putting in just a little hard work now! Have a look at our 5 tips below on getting your online store ready for the Xmas rush.


That’s what people are looking for when they buy something online. Make sure all product info, pricing and delivery/shipping information can be found. Don’t try and hide shipping info, you will end up with a huge number of abandoned shopping carts.

2. Images

Clear, crisp, zoomable images is what sells products. If you have a product listed that doesn’t have an image…. fix it. There is no excuse for “image not available”

3. Reviews

If possible add a reviews section to each product so that potential customers can gather further info on the product from real life other customers. Don’t even think of faking this. Peer to peer recommendations sell products more than any other type of advertising. See how big retailers Amazon and Sephora in the US do it.

4. Offer an incentive

Xmas and the holiday season are intensely firece when it comes to competition. Make sure your offer is compelling and attractive to someone shopping for your product. Consider offering free shipping or a % off discount.

5. Ship Daily/Frequently

Its Xmas, so the items generally need to be there ON THE DAY. Make sure you are shipping your products in a timely manner. Get into the habit of shipping as frequently as possible in November.

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Start Blogging and build your professional reputation

Last week I lectured my students on the very important topic of professional reputation management. Most will go on to look for full time employment over the coming months and despite their best efforts and academic achievements, some will be let down by their online reputation.

In order to create “good news” stories about themselves, I recommended that they work on starting a blog to demonstrate their professional capabilities and “push” any un favourable content to the bottom of Google.

Getting Started with blogging…

Click here and see if the domain name you want is available
Click here to find the best hosting options for your needs. We like hostgator, it’s what we use here at SMD.
We recommend that you start with something simple (like a WordPress One Click Install solutions)or check out Register.com for a one stop solution including domain registration, hosting and email. For those of us who are green minded, There’s also SuperGreenHosting

So now you have your online presence set up you will need to start creating, rich, relevant and contextual content… Check out our posts on this here and here.

Networking offline is a very important part of building your reputation. Make sure you have memorable eye catching business cards on you at all times, you never know who you are going to meet! Stand out in a crowd with NEW MOO MiniCards – 100 unique mini-calling cards with new some great new features! We swear by them!

For more tips on blogging, check out the The Blog Stylist and keep checking in at Social Media Daily!

Connect your blog with any social networks and use tools like Hootsuite and Social Sprout to stay up to date with what people are saying about you, your personal brand, your business, or your industry!

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How we share online

We stumbled upon another great infographic we felt was worth sharing. check out this latest piece from clearspring on how we interact and share online.

Soem of the highlights (which you may wish to consider when implementing your social media strategy) is the time of day and highest days of the week for info to be shared.. most definitely food for thought!


Check out a larger copy of this infographic here


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How Small Business is embracing Social Media

Its no secret that I’m not a huge fan of numbers when it comes to social media. Most of the time I find them inflated and misleading. Its important to focus on your own business and what works for it rather than the fact that XYZ Company has 3 million Facebook fans and a gazillion Twitter followers.

I stumbled across this great infographic over the weekend and feel its worth looking at as there are some interesting takeaways. the stand out one for me was 9% of small businesses said that a social media resource was their next staff acquisition, after a bookkeeper.

Have a look over the info graphic and see what you think… does any of this resonate with you and your small business?

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