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Run a Facebook Competition with Offerpop- FREE!

Last week we stumbled upon Offerpop a FREE social media 3rd party application that allows you to run competitions the LEGIT way… did we mention its FREE?

Check out Offerpop and make a start on your LEGIT Facebook “like” campaign today… there are literally NO excuses!


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Facebook “People are talking about” metric

In the always changing digital landscape, facebook has launched yet another way of measuring engagement.
This new metric is designed to provide more insights into their page activity alongside “likes’ and active users.

The latest addition to the Facebook metric stable will measure user-initiated activity related to a Page, including posting to a Page’s Wall, “liking,” commenting, sharing a Page post or content on the Page, answering a Question posed to fans, mentioning a Page, “liking” or sharing a deal or checking in at your Place.

More info on this new metric will be released shortly, along with a “real” name for the metric as Facebook haven’t decided they will stick with the name “people are talking about”

We will let you know more  when it comes to hand


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Facebook changes- clearing up the confusion on the “Ticker”

Last week Facebook made some pretty big changes. We blogged about it here but didn’t expect them to happen so quickly. Anyways, we have spent the weekend watching the fallout and of course rumors. This week we will endeavor to squash the rumors and give you the cold hard facts… so firstly, lets look at the new “Facebook Ticker”

There has been so much hype around this and so today we will c over how MUCH activity goes into the ticker. This has to do with your default visibility settings. Here is how to adjust:

Go to privacy settings
How you connect
Edit settings
Who can see posts by others on your timeline?
Select from the drop down menu (friends, friends of friends (recommended) , public (not recommended)

You will notice a change in the level of activity, because that’s the WHOLE point of it.

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Social Media profile “check up”

Does your social media marketing need a check up? Have you been trying to get ahead with only the best intentions, but manage to put your online marketing and social media off constantly. It’s OK, it happens.

Here are three things you can do today in less than 2o minutes to ensure you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to your brands online presence.

1. Visit your Facebook page and answer questions and reply to any feedback that is outstanding. Even if this just means telling your fans to contact you via phone so you can follow up with them in details.

2. Update your fans/followers with whats been happening at your end… perhaps you have been rushed off your feet and  thats why you haven’t been in contact with them (upload an image of behind the scenes etc etc)

3. Give your fans a “members only” offer. Thank them for being fans and let them know you are showing your love for them by giving them a discount.

4. Install a 3rd party application and create a custom designed landing page

5. Find like minded brands/businesses and “add their page as a favorite” to you page. You never know who you might meet and what opportunities there may be for a partnership down the track!

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How do I get more Facebook Fans as requested by….

…One of our good friends who owns a catering business… Lets have a look at what can be done here to help out…

-Become your Facebook page. When using Facebook actively change persona by using the “switch” functionality and actually become your page.  Seek out businesses and brands that:

a. you are interested in
b. you love hearing from and
c. you have identified as “influencers”

Listen and watch these brands then begin interacting with them. Don’t be a spammer or stalker. Be subtle.

-Create sharable content. Is what you are presenting to your fans interesting? Is it…


Are you inspiring and delighting them? It doesn’t matter if you are selling Monster Trucks or Crocheted table cloths… stick to the above formula.

-Facebook has become a numbers game with the media often reporting on how many fans or followers a page has. Think meaningful actions and engagement. It’s more valuable to have 50 engaged “advocates” for your brand than 500 or 5000 disinterested fans who have no idea why they are following you.

-Tell your customers you are on Facebook. How else would they know? Include signage in your store, a logo on your website and in your email footer. Consider using your packaging or paper coffee cups (if you feel its  appropriate) to promote your presence.

-Don’t give up :) Remember there is no such thing as an overnight success.

-You *could* also make these social media cupcakes and invite us over… just a suggestion!

Image:Ethan Palmer

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Bonds crowdsource new designs

Iconic Australian underwear brands Bonds have thrown themselves into the crowdsourcing/ social media world with the launch of their latest campaign titles “feel the colour”

Bonds isn’t exactly known for their innovative approach to marketing on the web, over the last 10 years they have opted for large campaigns with celebrity endorsements and colorful aspirational television campaigns.

The brand has leveraged in 600,000+ followers on social networking site Facebook to participate in this campaign where fans of the brand can submit an image using intragram, with one image being chosen for production.

“Simply share a pic you love and feel would look great on a pair of Hipsters and it could become one of three limited edition prints as chosen by our design panel”

Bonds have really thrown themselves into the deep end of here with 3 social networks being chosen to promote the campaign and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Bonds are encouraging users to use the hashtag when tweeting #bondsfeelthecolour.

We look forward to seeing how this campaign unfolds, for more info click here.


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Google+ for Dummies

Everyone from my students to my clients and even my Mum are asking me about Google+ this week. The PR machine is certainly working over drive and the message is filtering through to Google users of all ages. The most common question they ask is “should I use it??? My answer, is always, “well, that’s up to you” so today I have prepared a post with highlights the main elements of Google+ so those still waiting for an invitation know what to expect when they potentially start using Google+

Google+ is super easy to use and bears a striking resemblance to Facebook. For example:

-To mention people from your “circles” place an @ before their name
-Uploading images/video/content is almost the same as Facebook (apart from a few colour changes)
-Use the Google+1 feature (introduced a few months ago) to share and recommend content from the web
-Profile security can be set to open in order to share your info with wider “circles”

So, there you have it. Google+ features in a nutshell. We hope that Google will continue to innovate and create a living and growing  social network just as Facebook has.

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Facebook and Skype join forces to provide video calling from the worlds largest social network

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg announced the social network’s latest enhancement yesterday in California which includes the integration of Skype video calling from the social network. This allows Facebook users to almost seamlessly call their friends whilst using the social network. This is pretty big news!

How to make a Skype video call using Facebook:
- When making or receiving your first Skype call you will be asked to download a program
- The chat window will ask you to configure a few settings
- The window acts like a “lite” version of Skype.

The new functionality also allows the caller to leave a message if the person they are calling is unavailable… just like voice mail!

This new functionality takes Facebook to the next level and we LOVE it! This functionality is available for “profiles” and not pages (at this stage) Although it would be a great way for businesses to reach out to customers (and for customers to reach out to brands) however we see that there are a few major issues with this… spam anyone???

Tell us what you think? Will you use Facebook Video calling? Do you think its taking it too far?


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Google rebrands Blogger- A lesson in why you should have your own domain name for your blog

Do you have a blog with a http://yourblogname.blogspot.com domain name? Well, its time to start thinking about moving that to a hosted account as its believed Google is re branding its Blogger platform and rolling it into its new social media offering, Google+.

Its not clear what this means in terms of domain names, however we anticipate a whole world of pain for those using these “free” services and whilst the technology is amazing, there are limitations to your ownership and we always recommend (if only from a branding point of view) that you host your blogs using your own domain name.

IF Google do decide to change the branding and domain name of the Blogger platform users MAY experience issues with:


-Page rank

-Broken links

-301 errors

-Content migration

-Links left on comments/social media sites

As we said above, its unclear what will happen, however we believe that its important to have your own domain name for any blog (be it blogger or wordpress) as its an essential part of your branding, so start thinking about making some changes before Google decides on your behalf!

Register your domain name today:

Up to 70% off Domains at Network Solutions! Use Code: SAVE70DAF, Valid Thru 7/31/11. Start Now!

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So you want to blog? Better get yourself to BlogWorld 2011

Are you a business owner who wants to learn more about blogging? Are you an employee who has been allocated the task of creating and maintaining a blog that represents your business and you don’t know where to start?
Well, its your LUCKY DAY!

Last year I attended the BlogWorld Expo (then held in Las Vegas) and was quite simply blown away at the number of new things I learn t, even as someone who has been blogging for years.

There is so much going on at BlogWorld that you will most definitely miss some of the action, however they have that covered by recording sessions so that you may listen to them upon your return to keep your new found skills and enthusiasm for blogging moving along.

The conference also covers the “social media summit” which is invaluable to any small or medium business still trying to get a handle on how to use social media in their business.

Click here to see who’s speaking at BlogWorld LA 2011?

Now, its not cheap coupled with the air fare, however there is an early bird deal and the high Australian Dollar, I guarantee you, that you will have no regrets!

BlogWorld pricing increases on 21/7! Save up to $600 on your registration TODAY!

More info on the BlogWorld and New Media Expo LA 2011 here

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