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How the new iPhone 4S will impact social media

Well as you know, the new iPhone 4S was announced last night in California and the features are impressive. Some are saying its not the “revolution” they had hoped for and rather an “evolution” I say, whatever, its a phone… and it just got smarter… maybe even smarter than YOU!

Rather than just looking at the features in terms of a “user” today we are going to have a look at the features that as a SME will help us manage our brands/business social media on-the-go

iPhone 4S features…

-8 mega pixel camera. Perfect for uploading images to Facebook and Twitter of “behind the scenes” shots of your business/ brand. These high quality images will allow for much “faster” to market shots resulting in more “real time” interactions

-1080p HD resolution video recording pretty much the same as above. Great video quality for on the go when you are away from your “normal” environment/equipment. Think vox pops and updates from events/conferences etc

-Siri- Artificial Intelligence… this is kinda cool. “wherever you see a keyboard, you’ll be able to input with voice.”
In terms of Social Media this means being able to update your status or send a tweet. Users will still need to open the app and launch “update status” or “send tweet” however as soon as the keyboard appears then you will be able to “tell” your phone what to update

-Watch the video here

On sale 14 October 2011

Image: Apple.com

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