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Looking for love? Try Google…

Google has announced its annual most searched terms for 2011 and there is no surprise that the topics of love and celebrity dominated the search terms.

Other terms ranking highly were Steve Jobs and his iPhone 5 (yet to be released) Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber and mega events such as The Royal Wedding and The Rugby World Cup.

This new data isn’t really surprising, however there is a significant opportunities for small business and bloggers to catch some of the traffic, with DIY featuring heavily in 2011, especially anything to do with… weddings!

So, make your new years resolution to spend a few hours a week on your social media AND your SEO in 2011

Image: Google

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Disney partners with Gowalla

Disney has taken a step in the geo location direction and partnerted up with Gowalla to deliver custom designed badges for each of its attractions at its theme parks. The badges are a “virtual” souviner of those traditionally purchased at the parks. The custom designed passpert pages feautre disney/gowall branded badges and includes a photo check in stream.

The Gowalla Disney page also offers custom pins that users can earn by completeing specific tasks within the theme parks. There are litterally hundreds of stamps to choose from including “lands” “rides” and “events” Gowalla has been struggling to compete in the geo location market against the likes of Foursquare, however this boost from one of the worlds largest entertainment companies and globally recognised brands should give them the boost they are in need of. We wait to see what the next move is in this space.

Is your brand using Geo Location tools like Foursqare and Gowalla to promote itself? Do you see any value in Geo Loacation?

Image: Gowalla

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Does your Social Media Marketing have too many hurdles and barriers for it to be successful?

At a  meeting yesterday I discovered that a client was offering a discount to their twitter followers which required the follower to click on a link and register for the client newsletter which would then in turn make them a “member” and entitle them to a discount. This medium sized business has a great handle on online marketing and marketing in general, however couldn’t see the value in offering something to people who weren’t “members”

The traditional membership/loyalty days are on their way out (sorry email marketers!) Social Media is creating loyal, brand ambassadors that are engaged with your brand in other ways.  Just because you don’t have access to their email address and shopping preferences, doesnt mean they aren’t as “valuable” as your data base members.

Yes, its difficult to measure how much each of these customers are worth, however once you start ENGAGING them, their true worth will be revealed.

Our challenge to you today is, should you chose to accept it… is to remove the barriers to entry for your clients to start engaging with you in more meaningful ways. Show ‘em you love ‘em.

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Online reviews – putting the consumer in control

As a cafe reviewer, serial coffee consumer and indecisive over-thinker, online reviews have unequivocally revolutionised my life.

And with cafe competition rife in the capital cities and a society crying time-poor, online reviews pose a tempting alternative to the phone a friend option or aimless Saturday evening food wander.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Australia’s new-found love of opinion-sharing through mass consumption and geographic divide is limited to the restaurant scene only. Lonely Planet.com speaks to the confused traveller, customer service is analysed on an unprecedented scale through local forums and few would dare to book accommodation, even locally, without serious deliberation of online reviews.

While this connectivity makes it a lot easier for the consumer and provides (generally) unbiased and useful information from a third and independent party who feel strongly enough in their convictions to share them online, does this level of accessible analysis kill the element of surprise?  Further still, does it discriminate against organisations who may simply be having an off day or who were subjected to ‘one of those’ customers?

From a reputation management perspective, how can a small business insure itself against the potential for armed and vocal online discontent?

Many larger companies, greater exposed to scrutiny, have an army of social media monitors and a ready strategy to counteract online criticism.

  1. The adage ‘the customer is always right’ should be a solid business commitment; not to the point where staff sanity is tested, but certainly, all should be aware of the power of the customer.
  2. Pay attention to all clients and customers, not just the paid reviewers, it’s the anonymous who have the greater impact
  3. Apologise for slow service or for any other shortcomings
  4. Recognise a compulsive complainer early on; and cut your losses
  5. Take bad reviews for what they are.  If appropriate or if the opportunity presents, offer to make amends, but do not argue with, or goad, a reviewer
  6. Make nice with mainstream media and consider advertising online
  7. Don’t seed irrelevant products with bloggers

While immunity from negative online reviews is sadly impossible, preventative measures can easily be put into place.

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Choosing the right images for your website

Social Media Daily is coming to you from the Social Media Summit and Blogworld Conference in Las Vegas for the next few days… Follow us on twitter for live tweets and updates! @socialmedia_au and @emilydoig

Many businesses regardless of the quality of their work are let down by the images they have on their websites.
Having the right or wrong image on your website can either make or break your online presence. Have a look at your site and do a quick audit of all of your images using our checklist below to make sure you are hitting the mark and making the right statement.

Are your images:

High resolution: If the image is fuzzy or warped, it sends a (not so) clear message that you don’t really take pride in your work

Modern: Just because you have been in business since the 80′s doesn’t mean you need to have images dating back that far! Keep it fresh and up to date.

Relevant:  Make sure you are displaying images that highlight your work as a wedding industry professional

Composed: Make sure everyone’s heads are in and that there are no dodgy poles in the shots or bad lightineg etc etc

Take Action:
-If you are not sure about how to re size images or upload them ask your web designer for assistance. Generally photos can be resized and uploaded to your site in just a few clicks.
-If you are in need of some new images, check out sites such as Istockphoto for high quality images for just a few dollars each.

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“New Twitter” roll out complete… Here’s a list of the new features!

Twitter have confirmed that the roll out of their new interface known as “new twitter” is complete. Changes to the interface include video and multi media within your stream (no need to navigate away from twitter to view this type of content anymore (this is a good thing) Twitter’s CEO announced on the company blog this week that the changes were in line with customer demand and feedback from users (in  the past two years twitter has grown from 1.25 million tweets per day to an astonishing 90 million) and from 3 million registered users to more than 165 million today.

Quick list of “new twitter” enhancements and features:

-Improved search

- Easily navigate between timeline, mentions, retweets, searches and lists (in the left panel)

-Easily identify who’s who (in the right hand panel greater visibility on who you are following and who’s following you, trending topics and recommended follows

-Navigate easily with shortcuts

-Endless scrolling

-Click any user’s name to see their profile page

-Videos/ Images embedded alongside tweets, including YouTube. Watch them without leaving Twitter.com.

-New followers page (see who your new followers are at a glance)

Now that the “new twitter” is here, have you had a chance to use it? What do you think? Tell us below!

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Review: IPad hits Australian shores…

ipad  review

So, you may have heard that the IPad is finally available in Australia by mean other than Fed-ex-ing it from the US… we have had a chance to have a look at it and here is our snapshot review

Yes, it looks good. In fact it looks great.
Battery life is excellent, just as with your iphone it can be extended by darkening the screen and tweaking etc
The IPad wont replace the laptop (not yet anyway)
The IPad is great for single tasks (just as the iphone is)
It wont change your life or make you anymore popular/sexier/important…

Do you need one? Sure, if you can afford one, have nothing better to spend your money on, then get one…

Got  lots of money to spend? Buy and IPad and support these guys…. they need your help more than you need an iPad

More reviews to come….

Image: Apple

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MySpace Privacy Changes

MySpace is positioning itself as the “safer” and more ” private” solution to facebook in light of recent changes to privacy settings. With Facebook and Twitter both having privacy and security “issues” in the past couple of weeks MySpace re-inforced their view of user privacy on MySpace and some of the core features that made MySpace unique from the beginning.

Mike Jones, Co-President, MySpace had this to say on the issue. “We believe users want a simpler way to control their privacy.  That’s why, in the coming weeks, MySpace will continue to simplify its privacy settings to create a simpler, more intuitive approach that gives users greater control over their information. Setting options will include public, friends only, or public to anyone 18 or over.

By setting the default to “friends only” MySpace is part of its renewed commitment to the social networks security and privacy, the default seeing can be easily changed should the user wish to be more “exposed”

Image: MySpace

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YouTube Milestone

youtube birthday

Last month YouTube turned five. This month it has reported that it has surpassed the two Billion video mark… thats two billion videos PER DAY. To celebrate this momentus occasion and to provide a little more insight as to how that has happened YouTube have produced a rather informative video with highlights from some of the more famous videos.

Our pick is “ouch charlie” whats yours?

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Social Shopping site "Our Deal" launches

social shopping

9/10 people make purchases based on a reccomendations, so its no surprise newcomer “Our Deal” has launched its new Social Shopping to australian customers.

How it works…

A new deal is featured on the Our Deal homepage each week day morning. The deal is available for 24 hours and must attract a minimum number of customers in order to become active. Once the minimum number of customers has been reached- the deal is on!

Follow Our Deal on twiter and of course on facebook

Image: Our Deal

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