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Skeletons in your closet? Reputation Management 101

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Skeletons in your closet? Reputation Management 101

Got something to hide? Consider shutting down your social networking profiles and batterning down the hatches, because there IS such a thing as bad publicity and it doesn’t discriminate.

You might not be a high profile sports person who has a public life for people to air their dirty laundry about you and your personal life, to hundreds and potentially thousands of people via the web but you do have a reputation to protect.
Consider what impact someone with intent (and not the honourable kind) may do to your reputation… think about how this will impact on future relationships and  employment opportunities.

Emily works with a number of brands and organisations in educating its staff and representatives on how social media and reputation management can both enhance and cripple a business and their own personal brand. From television personalities, to professional sports people and CEO’s the strategies remain the same…. there IS such thing as bad publicity and unlike traditional media, social media isn’t forgotten when the newspaper is used to line the budgie cage at the end of the day.

Understanding the basics of reputation management and how social media can effect your personal brand is a must for all members of your organisation and having a plan in place to avoid these situations is a must. Emily’s workshops are designed for high profile individuals who are exposed to the media and cover off the basics right through to worst case scenario.

whether or not your staff or representatives are willingly engaging in social media or not, they need to be aware of the risks and how to avoid potentially damaging scenarios. All workshops are tailored to your business and attendees requirements.

For more information and to book your workshop please visit www.emilydoig.com or contact the studio on  9016 0717

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Are you Facebook friends with your staff?

So, you have received the friend request… and its from a staff member.

What do you do? Ignoring it wont make it go away so you need to deal with the situation promptly.
Start be having a social media policy in place so that your staff know whats acceptable in terms of Facebook usage at work. Then outline whats on and whats not on when it comes to representing the business on social networking sites.

A survey conducted earlier in the year in the US, shows that over 40% of those surveyed were not comfortable with connecting with their boss on Facebook, or any social media sites for that matter. Likewise almost half of those managers surveyed said that they would feel uncomfortable being “friends” with staff on social media. 13% said that Facebook helped their workplace peer to peer relationships develop further.

So, back to the question.. “should you be Facebook friends with your staff” Well, unfortunately there is not a one size fits all answer here. There are many factors to consider, how much you value your position, how much your staff respect you, how much they respect that you are a “real person” and how much information you share…. the lost goes on.

So, if you are aware of the implications of being Facebook friends with your staff, then go right ahead… however if you aren’t sure, then perhaps have a quick chat with your employees and let them know that you think its best of you keep work and play separate.

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Start Blogging and build your professional reputation

Last week I lectured my students on the very important topic of professional reputation management. Most will go on to look for full time employment over the coming months and despite their best efforts and academic achievements, some will be let down by their online reputation.

In order to create “good news” stories about themselves, I recommended that they work on starting a blog to demonstrate their professional capabilities and “push” any un favourable content to the bottom of Google.

Getting Started with blogging…

Click here and see if the domain name you want is available
Click here to find the best hosting options for your needs. We like hostgator, it’s what we use here at SMD.
We recommend that you start with something simple (like a WordPress One Click Install solutions)or check out Register.com for a one stop solution including domain registration, hosting and email. For those of us who are green minded, There’s also SuperGreenHosting

So now you have your online presence set up you will need to start creating, rich, relevant and contextual content… Check out our posts on this here and here.

Networking offline is a very important part of building your reputation. Make sure you have memorable eye catching business cards on you at all times, you never know who you are going to meet! Stand out in a crowd with NEW MOO MiniCards – 100 unique mini-calling cards with new some great new features! We swear by them!

For more tips on blogging, check out the The Blog Stylist and keep checking in at Social Media Daily!

Connect your blog with any social networks and use tools like Hootsuite and Social Sprout to stay up to date with what people are saying about you, your personal brand, your business, or your industry!

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How Small Business is embracing Social Media

Its no secret that I’m not a huge fan of numbers when it comes to social media. Most of the time I find them inflated and misleading. Its important to focus on your own business and what works for it rather than the fact that XYZ Company has 3 million Facebook fans and a gazillion Twitter followers.

I stumbled across this great infographic over the weekend and feel its worth looking at as there are some interesting takeaways. the stand out one for me was 9% of small businesses said that a social media resource was their next staff acquisition, after a bookkeeper.

Have a look over the info graphic and see what you think… does any of this resonate with you and your small business?

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Building your personal brand using Social Media

Last night I was lucky enough to present to CPA Australia in sunny Brisbane on how to build your personal brand using social media. The attendees, all professionals (accountants) all have the task of heading into the office this morning to begin building their personal brands and promoting themselves via appropriate social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

For those of you out there who are looking to build your personal (professional) brand here are a few tips from last nights presentation…

-Keep it relevant (don’t bang on in your bio how you are a passionate lover and father to 3 dwarf rabbits, no one cares.

-First impressions count (make sure you have a picture that best represents the”professional” you in your profile

-Don’t be sleazy trying to connect with every man and his dog

-Be helpful and polite

-Offer value in your content

-Only share your best work

So, of course there is much more, but in a nutshell and on limited time before my wireless connection drops out, there is the 60 second guide to building your personal brand.


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Facebook changes- clearing up the confusion on the “Ticker”

Last week Facebook made some pretty big changes. We blogged about it here but didn’t expect them to happen so quickly. Anyways, we have spent the weekend watching the fallout and of course rumors. This week we will endeavor to squash the rumors and give you the cold hard facts… so firstly, lets look at the new “Facebook Ticker”

There has been so much hype around this and so today we will c over how MUCH activity goes into the ticker. This has to do with your default visibility settings. Here is how to adjust:

Go to privacy settings
How you connect
Edit settings
Who can see posts by others on your timeline?
Select from the drop down menu (friends, friends of friends (recommended) , public (not recommended)

You will notice a change in the level of activity, because that’s the WHOLE point of it.

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How NOT to speak to your customers/followers/fans on facebook

Language warning…. for those easily offended by bad language, bad grammar and bad attitudes you have been warned.

We don’t actually think we need to tell you whats wrong with this brands social media strategy, we are pretty sure you can work it out yourselves…

Click here to read on…

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Who is the voice behind your brands social networking?

Today we are on the road doing workshops in the travel and tourism sector. We love stretching our legs, getting out of the office and meeting small business owners who are excited about social media!

In today’s presentation we include a slide that you can see in the image to the right..
So, we ask you to have a think about who is representing your brand on social networking sites? Is it the right person for the job? As business owners, often we think we are experts at every level of our business… in most cases, we are not.

Have a think about who the best person for the job is an approach them with the prospect of taking on the role of managing your brands social media… it might not be the “obvious” choice, there are plenty of brands out there who communicate and share insights from different angles of their business… and not just from the top.

Image: BBC

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Got an opinion? So does everyone else.

Last week Social Commentator Mia Freedman appeared on national television and made a rather uninformed and immature comments regarding the achievements of an Australian athlete who had just made history.
The segment hosted by Karl Stefanovic appeared on the Today show and was a painful 5.45 minutes of what appeared to be unprepared and an attempt at being controversial, after all, that’s what social commentators do right? They are there to polarise an audience. Mia is no stranger to this, to demonstrate all you need to do is Google “Mia Freedman Today Show” and the same style of argument appears in a segment with Mia commenting on Pauline Hansen.

Mia took to her blog to defend herself, crying poor and digging a deeper hole. Her blog, filled with celebrity mummy news, had become a divided battle ground for those who supported her comments and those who now loathed her. There was no shortage of rebuttal, however we feel as though this best sums up what the rest of us were thinking. Doctor Bridie O’Donnell wrote an open letter to Mia Freedman regarding her comments and thoughts on the topic.

Not being able to withstand the criticism of those who disagreed with her criticisms, Mia took to the media to once again attempt to make good. The article in Sundays Age was titled “My week from hell”  went into detail on how Mia felt she has been “cyber bullied” You could almost hear the tiny violins playing in the background as you read it.

The moral of this story? Mia has built a career of critiquing others, she was the editor of 3 glossy magazines and has now reinvented herself as a “social media expert” often commentating on issues on television related to social media. This type of attention, albeit unwanted comes with the job. For those of us producing content be it written or broadcasted, we need to be prepared for what comes next. Just because we have an opinion, it doesn’t mean that it’s shared universally, its a cruel, cruel world out there…

For what its worth, I’m not sure if Cadel Evans is a hero or not. I do know however that he is an excellent role model, not just for kids, but also for adults.  Determined, focused, humble and not a scrap of controversy surrounds him, unlike many sports stars or celebrities. Cadel Evans is a great athlete who should be celebrated for his achievements, not critiqued for them.


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