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How the new iPhone 4S will impact social media

Well as you know, the new iPhone 4S was announced last night in California and the features are impressive. Some are saying its not the “revolution” they had hoped for and rather an “evolution” I say, whatever, its a phone… and it just got smarter… maybe even smarter than YOU!

Rather than just looking at the features in terms of a “user” today we are going to have a look at the features that as a SME will help us manage our brands/business social media on-the-go

iPhone 4S features…

-8 mega pixel camera. Perfect for uploading images to Facebook and Twitter of “behind the scenes” shots of your business/ brand. These high quality images will allow for much “faster” to market shots resulting in more “real time” interactions

-1080p HD resolution video recording pretty much the same as above. Great video quality for on the go when you are away from your “normal” environment/equipment. Think vox pops and updates from events/conferences etc

-Siri- Artificial Intelligence… this is kinda cool. “wherever you see a keyboard, you’ll be able to input with voice.”
In terms of Social Media this means being able to update your status or send a tweet. Users will still need to open the app and launch “update status” or “send tweet” however as soon as the keyboard appears then you will be able to “tell” your phone what to update

-Watch the video here

On sale 14 October 2011

Image: Apple.com

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Trendspotting Social Media Style!

We all know that fashion conscious shoppers are constantly looking for inspiration!

The 565 Lasoo ‘Trendspotter‘ page, is a photo sharing site that gives users the opportunity to share this season’s hottest styles wherever they are, via their smartphone – using phone cameras and social media to revolutionise the fashion world!

565 Lasoo provides a platform for images of hot new fashion, to be uploaded so that others can be kept up to date about the key looks of the season and how other people are incorporating seasonal trends into their personal style. Everyone with a passion for fashion is invited to use the FREE worldwide photo sharing App Instagram on their iPhone, tag their photo’s in the caption with ‘#565’ and their photo is streamed live to the ‘Trendspotter’ page.

For more info on 565 Lasoo ‘Trendspotter‘ – head over to my post on the Melbourne Girl Fashion Blog.

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App Design Contest

Are you an App designer? Do you like the sound of going into the draw to win 5000 Euro (yes, well, we know its not as much as it used to be, but it’s certainly noting to sneeze at)

Our friends over at WYTSC (WORLD YOUTH STUDENT CONFERENCE) have sent us the details of their new competition which is all about Apps. We love their innovative approach, shaking up the youth travel industry (because despite being early adopters in
e ecommerce they aren’t exactly leading the way in mobile)

Check out the website here for more info.

For travel/tourism operators wanting to further expand their networks and knowledge base of the youth travel industry, we recommend registering for the annual WYSTC event (to be held in Barcelona this year) Its a 3 day jam packed event of buying/selling and learning. Click here to register to attend WYSTC 2011

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Shop and Share – Pose iPhone App

Pose ensures that you’ll never give the wrong gift, never have to shop alone, and never forget the products that catch your eye while browsing ever again.

Get in with the photo-sharing crowd… Pose captures and enhances the in-store shopping experience, allowing users to add products to a personal style feed, share their finds and discuss. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later, the App is a great shopping companion.

Rated five stars by one user – “I love this app! I have been waiting for something like this to keep my shopping more organized. I often seek others’ advice but hate having to go back and forth between emails or texts in order to see what my friends have said about an item. I love that I can keep everything in one spot and locate it easily” ~ scuba1024

Cannot wait to download it!

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Big Day Out Gets Social

Veterans on the Australian music festival scene  “Big Day Out” are putting the final touches on their 19 annual festival, which for the first time has more than just an impressive line up.

This year festival organisers have produced an iPhone and Andriod app which provides festival goers the latest news, the festival line up, artist info, photos, videos tweets in real time, ticket sales and even a virtual lighter for rock ballads!

Users can create bespoke schedules for the festival and can even use the app to take pictures and post them on social networking sites. The development of this truly interactive and social app is a first in Australia.

We love this idea but wonder how many users will actually take advantage of the functionality whilst actually at the festival. Generally speaking mobile phone lines are jammed during events like these so we imagine 3G services will be stretched, not to mention the punters being distracted by actually being at the festival. Perhaps the BDO App has a few too many bells and whistles.

Find out more about the BDO app by watching the video below…. or
Download the Big Day Out 2011 App here

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Emergency Services embrace Social Networking in Queensland Floods

Queensland Police and emergency services have embraced social media and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the most recent natural disaster to effect up to 75% of the state.

With many areas becoming isolated and homes losing utilities such as electricity and fixed line phones, emergency services are using technology to communicate critical messages to the public. Queensland Police have a Facebook and Twitter profile which is communicating key messages to residents including evacuation information for those who are able to access 3G services.

The hashtag #qldfloods has been a trending topic in Australia and also at times around the world with hundreds of thousands of tweets appearing with information and messages of support to those out there.

Follow Queensland Police here on Facebook

Follow Queensland Police on Twitter

Other organisations using Twitter include the RSPCA who have had many shelters closed due to flooding. A call out for those able to adopt animals resulted in the entire shelter being emptied before the flood waters took over with all animals including sheep, peacocks and roosters being re homed.

Follow the RSPCA Queensland on Twitter

Apple has also announced than an app with up to date information for those affected is available through the iTunes store

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Gossip Girl goes fashionably social…

Gossip Girl is an American television teen drama based on the popular novel series of the same name by Cecily von Ziegesar. Narrated by the omniscient yet unseen blogger “Gossip Girl,” the series revolves around the lives of socialite teenagers growing up on New York City’s Upper East Side.

The official Gossip Girl website on CWTV is a hub for everything social media when it comes to GG. With all the usual outlets like facebook and twitter, to their blog, online episodes and sneak-peaks, to a forum lounge and the free CWTV iPhone app for free videos, photos and more info about GG. The app is a great way to catch a quick clip on the go of the show and other favorite CWTV shows like America’s Next Top Model and The Vampire Diaries.

gossipgirlfashion.net is a fabulous blog focusing on the fashion from Gossip Girl. Here you’ll find what your favorite characters and cast members were wearing, as well as hair and make-up guides.

www.gossipgirl.net is another GG dedicated website offering everything from free wallpaper downloads, to aviator icons and GG myspace page codes. The site is jam-packed with info on the book and the show cast; a must for GG die-hards!

You know you love me. XOXO (Had to be said!)

Image: CWTV

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Google announces changes

Google announced the launch of its newest, fastest, best-est search product ever yesterday, Google Instant.

The new product automatically reveals search results as you type. There is no need for wasting time with minor things like hitting an “enter” button. The results appear as soon as you begin typing.

It predicts what you’re about to type and delivers results based on those predictions.

Users can hit tab to complete a search query, or can choose to scroll up and down with the arrow keys to see search results for different related or predicted queries.

Google Instant is available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE8 as of today in the US. The product rolls out internationally next week.

Google instant is family friendly with “adult” content not automatically coming up.

Image: Google

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Apple launches Social Network “Ping”

Steve Jobs unveiled the latest product additions to the Apple range and announced their foray into Social Media with their offering”Ping” Jobs described Ping as Facebook meets Twitter for music.

Ping will be available with the new iTunes 10 and can be accessed through your desktop computer and is fully integrated with iPhone and IPod touch devices directly from the iTunes store.

Ping allows users to follow others, just like Twitter. Followers will be able to see what people are listening to and lists they have created and also check out concert listings. There is also a custom chart auto generator feature.

Privacy is managed through a variety of opt-out/opt-in option where you can be as “private or as public as you want”.

Ping allows users to follow others, just like Twitter. Followers will be able to see what people are listening to and lists they have created and also check out concert listings.

Image: Apple


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How to use Foursquare to drive sales in your retail business

With more and more social network opportunities popping up each day its hard to stay up to date on whats what. Foursquare has been around for a while now, hitting a few milestones earlier this year and making a name for themselves as a social networking heavyweight. With mobile fast becoming the next big thing leveraging social networking tools such as Foursquare early on in the game will see your business exposed to the latest trend in social media.

Foursquare gives business owners the  opportunity to promote their businesses and build strong, meaningful relationships with customers whilst driving sales and their brand message.

Incentivising and rewarding customers via traditional methods is so passe. Publicly rewarding savvy smart phone toting, social media wunderkids and acknowledging their patronage with a digital “stamp” creates a dialogue between you and your customer and also between customers as they vie for top badges such as “mayor” of your establishment.

Starbucks and Gap have run campaigns specifically for Foursquare users in the Us with great success. Engaging your customers via new and exciting methods is a great way to show that you understand the technology

- Free product for “Mayors”

- Discount for “check ins”

-Frequent Flyers rewarded

-Early bird offers (first to check in for the day)

- Virgin check in (surprise them with an offer)

Get creative and get people talking about your business and what its doing on Foursquare. Its a super simple yet effective way of creating buzz online that is (almost) free!

Tell us about your favorite Foursquare check in calls to action!


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