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Trendspotting Social Media Style!

We all know that fashion conscious shoppers are constantly looking for inspiration!

The 565 Lasoo ‘Trendspotter‘ page, is a photo sharing site that gives users the opportunity to share this season’s hottest styles wherever they are, via their smartphone – using phone cameras and social media to revolutionise the fashion world!

565 Lasoo provides a platform for images of hot new fashion, to be uploaded so that others can be kept up to date about the key looks of the season and how other people are incorporating seasonal trends into their personal style. Everyone with a passion for fashion is invited to use the FREE worldwide photo sharing App Instagram on their iPhone, tag their photo’s in the caption with ‘#565’ and their photo is streamed live to the ‘Trendspotter’ page.

For more info on 565 Lasoo ‘Trendspotter‘ – head over to my post on the Melbourne Girl Fashion Blog.

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Bonds crowdsource new designs

Iconic Australian underwear brands Bonds have thrown themselves into the crowdsourcing/ social media world with the launch of their latest campaign titles “feel the colour”

Bonds isn’t exactly known for their innovative approach to marketing on the web, over the last 10 years they have opted for large campaigns with celebrity endorsements and colorful aspirational television campaigns.

The brand has leveraged in 600,000+ followers on social networking site Facebook to participate in this campaign where fans of the brand can submit an image using intragram, with one image being chosen for production.

“Simply share a pic you love and feel would look great on a pair of Hipsters and it could become one of three limited edition prints as chosen by our design panel”

Bonds have really thrown themselves into the deep end of here with 3 social networks being chosen to promote the campaign and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Bonds are encouraging users to use the hashtag when tweeting #bondsfeelthecolour.

We look forward to seeing how this campaign unfolds, for more info click here.


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