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Looking for love? Try Google…

Google has announced its annual most searched terms for 2011 and there is no surprise that the topics of love and celebrity dominated the search terms.

Other terms ranking highly were Steve Jobs and his iPhone 5 (yet to be released) Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber and mega events such as The Royal Wedding and The Rugby World Cup.

This new data isn’t really surprising, however there is a significant opportunities for small business and bloggers to catch some of the traffic, with DIY featuring heavily in 2011, especially anything to do with… weddings!

So, make your new years resolution to spend a few hours a week on your social media AND your SEO in 2011

Image: Google

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New (amazing) changes to Google Analytics!

Last week Google announced the roll out of their latest round of functionality changes to its Google Analytics tool. if you are reading this not knowing what Google Analytics is, it’s the single most powerful tool you can have to measure your businesses success online. The new changes add to the awesomeness of Google Analtyics and include REAL TIME reporting! That’s right folks, you can now see how many users are on your site RIGHT NOW! We have listed some of the new added functionality and suggest you click on over there and either a. install Google Analytics and stop missing out on invaluable date or b. update to the new and improved Google Analytics! Some of the new changes include:

  • A redesigned Google Analytics platform to enable major new functionality
  • A streamlined interface to make it easier to get to the information that you want
  • Improved report performance for faster reports

and soon to be rolled out…

  • Exporting reports to PDF
  • Emailing reports
  • Migrating a custom report from the current Analytics version to the new version
  • Linking a new AdWords or AdSense account
  • In-Page Analytics

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Google+ launches branded pages

Google+ has opened the doors to those businesses using the social network to reach out to their customers and engage them. In the beginning Google+ was focused on peer to peer  interactions however this new functionality allows brands to start using Google+ as they do on other social networking platforms such as Facebook.

The Google+ brand profile looks just like a person profile however there is a small difference in the appearance of the icon. For each person that follows the brand it increases their numbers following, which adds to the tally of followers, just like Facebook.

Its unknown if a Google+ brand page will assist in creating a more visible presence in search engines and it remains to be seen if this will be incorporated into SEO strategies, however we suspect that “social media and SEO experts” will encourage clients to jump on board and start creating profiles

Watch the video here

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Are you still using Google+?

Is the party over for Google+ already? It seems as though the buzz surrounding the new social networking site backed by the world largest search engine has fallen flat…. its predicted experiential growth has declined in the US by -3% and whilst it is early days, its hard to believe that Google predicted this kind of plateau so early in the product life cycle.

It got us to thinking, are only hard core social networking fans using the site?

What would prevent people from joining of continuing to engage with Google+? Is it due to no handles, no pseudonyms, no group names? Are people becoming reluctant to handing over more personal information or is it a critical mass issue? Simply not enough people are using the site and therefore the proposition is not as valuable?Or are you experiencing Social Media fatigue?

We’d like to know are you still using Google+ and if no, then why? Tell us!

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Make your Google+ profile look like Facebook

Still umming and ahhing over using Google +. Think that if it looked more “familiar” you might be more inclined to use it?
Designer Fabio Giolioto has created a snazzy bit of CSS that transforms your Google+ profile into a Facebook-esque

Download the theme here

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Google g.co URL shortner unveiled

Google has announced the arrival of its latest product, the g.co URL shortener.

The new product will link to its

Their existing goog.l URL shortener first appeared in 2009 and linked to any page on the web via the toolbar, its believed the new g.co will link to Google pages only, making differentiation easier. The introduction of this service is to allow users to feel confident that when they are clicking on a g.co URL, they will end up at a Google product/service page.

We assume there must have been lots of negative feedback on this issue, since it seems as though its a rather large undertaking to separate Google owned products from goo.gl represented short links.

Does this change mean anything to you? Will you find it easier? Will you even notice?



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Get a Google+ Unique/Vanity URL

So, you have signed up and have started using Google+ and now that you are becoming familiar with it, you have started exploring the customisation options. if like me you have been looking at ways to create a vanity URL in order to use the link as an easy reference rather than a whole bunch of digits. Well, Google+ doesn’t offer this as an option (yet) The good news is, there are “applications” such as Gplus.to that allows you to claim your own unique URL (so that you may add to business cards etc)

Here is how to get that super simple and slick URL in just a few clicks…

Visit www.gplus.to
Add the “nick name” you wish your unique URL and enter the “numbers” from your existing Google+ profile
Click “add”

Voila, you are done!

Its unknown if Google will add this functionality in the future, however in the meantime, this is a quick fix/stop gap, that is more than sufficient.

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Google gets social with Google+

Yesterday Google launched its newest product Google+ which is set to become their “flagship” social media product.

In addition to this they have also suspended their “real time search” functionality which relied heavily on Twitter feeding them info directly from the social network into their search engine. Google announced that it will relaunch “Real Time Search” with a hybrid of information from Google+ as well as third-party sources (ie Twitter)

The new social network relies heavily on “personal connections” and leverages the peer to peer recommendation model we often speak about. Google+ works by adding people from your social groups into “circles” and allows you to share, view and communicate relevant info with them quickly and easily.

Google+ gives the company a home-built in house source of information about what people like and are following on the Web without having to compromise and more importantly, being able to analyze all of the data that comes with such a powerful product.

So, what does this mean for you as a business who is trying to be found on Google? Well, it means that Twitter becomes a “less important” proposition in terms of search (but not in terms of communicating or branding)

These new changes mean that more than ever its so important to be adding new, rich and relevant/contextual and most importantly SHARABLE content to the web, be it via your website, blog or social media profile.

Check out the Google+ video here:


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Google +1 is here!

A couple of months back, we told you that Google was expanding its share functionality by going head to head with the Facebook “like” button. Their offering, known as Google +1 works on the same basis as “liking” something and sharing it amongst your friends, family and peers. Well, the functionality is live and the good news is, its relatively easy to install!

For those using platforms such as WordPress and Blogger all of the hard work has been done for you. WordPress users can install the plug in, in just a few clicks. Blogger users have the functionality added under the “share” options so ticking the box will automatically add it, so there really is nothing to do!

For those of you using other platforms, you are able to manually add code to your content by pasting the following into your pages/posts


<!– Place this tag in your head or just before your close body tag –>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”></script>

<!– Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render –>


You can also visit the +1 site to customise the size of the icon

We have installed +1 on Social Media Daily, so click below to try it out and share this post with someone you think might be interested!



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Google +1 What it means for your business

Google +1 surfaced yesterday and was brought to my attention by the lovely Bree at The Blog Stylist.

Google’s newest offering is best likened to Facebook’s “like” button and will be directly integrated in to Google. Those who have signed up to the beta program via Google Labs will begin seeing the +1 logo within Google search results.

This will act as a kind of “social currency” that people have added their stamp of approval to a website.
By using the +1 functionality it’s offering a personal recommendation that the site is worth looking at.
A record of all of your +1 actions will appear in your Google profile (similar to how “likes” appear on your Facebook wall)

Although the +1 button is still in beta,  its believed it will have an effect on your search engine rankings.
The big difference here and definitely the most attractive for business owners is that users are able to +1 content on a site without leaving it. Leaving behind a digital tick of approval, great news for sites with great content, bad news for those who have static and uninteresting sites.

Google will also integrate their AdWords and AdSense tools providing +1 info on search results

This is an exciting offering from Google, we hope its the social break through they have been looking for.





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