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Spring Racing doesn’t stop the nation

The Australian premier thoroughbred horse racing event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival stops the nation… or does it?

This year, will you stop to watch the big races or will you be violently tweeting/facebooking/blogging your thoughts/plans/tips as the horses make their way past the winning post?

Everguide has developed an ‘alternative’ national Spring Racing Guide with content that lets it’s user plan their best Spring Carnival ever. News, events, photos and most importantly fashion tips for both trackside and through the streets of your nearest capital cities. Be it a sporting stiletto run or hot styling tips from your favourite guest bloggers, Everguide has got the carnival covered when it come to social media!

Share you attendance with friends, tweet your followers the events that must not be missed – with everything happening you won’t have time to stop!

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Trendspotting Social Media Style!

We all know that fashion conscious shoppers are constantly looking for inspiration!

The 565 Lasoo ‘Trendspotter‘ page, is a photo sharing site that gives users the opportunity to share this season’s hottest styles wherever they are, via their smartphone – using phone cameras and social media to revolutionise the fashion world!

565 Lasoo provides a platform for images of hot new fashion, to be uploaded so that others can be kept up to date about the key looks of the season and how other people are incorporating seasonal trends into their personal style. Everyone with a passion for fashion is invited to use the FREE worldwide photo sharing App Instagram on their iPhone, tag their photo’s in the caption with ‘#565’ and their photo is streamed live to the ‘Trendspotter’ page.

For more info on 565 Lasoo ‘Trendspotter‘ – head over to my post on the Melbourne Girl Fashion Blog.

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This week at Social Media Daily…

Welcome to our new Friday wrap up posts.

Whats with the Friday wrap up?

-Created with you in mind, so you can quickly scan and digest all of our posts from the week….

-Created with us in mind as we like the idea of a “day off” from blogging

-Perfect for checking out on a Friday at 4.30 as its remotely work related and should fill the dreaded 4.30-5.00 pm gap (Gin in coffee mug optional)

-Share it with your boss and look like a genius

This week on Social Media Daily…

Twitter hits 200 million… and more compelling reasons to understanding what it is…

Facebook Profile or Page for my business?

Why social shopping/ group buying sites arent a magic bullet for your small business

Target’s Social Media Fail…

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Fashion hauling – what it is, and why you should know about it!

Fashion Hauling… Unless you are a teen or twenty-something social blogger, you probably haven’t heard of it?

First introduced to me at a LMFF business function in March this year, I was pretty shocked that it had taken someone so long to think of this ‘big idea’ and can almost certainly guarantee it will be something to look out for in the fashion and beauty industries within Australia over the next 12 months (and beyond).

Fashion hauling takes place in 3 basic steps:
1. You go shopping
2. You take your purchases home
3. You video (or “haul”) yourself giving a run down of what you purchased and stream the video on social sites like blogs and youtube.

That’s it…

A couple of haulers I googled online include Vera Sweeney ‘hauling her summer dress’ and Aussie girl Natalia Perez, who recently featured in the Herald Sun. The article about Perez reports that fashion hauling is one of the fastest-growing categories on YouTube. It has become so popular in the US, that the most successful haulers are getting tens of millions of hits… Wowzers!

The Herald Sun also reports that US retailers such as Forever 21 are going as far as offering the most famous haulers free gift vouchers in the hope they will feature their products online. (I wonder if Sportsgirl and Forever New will jump on board the hauling wagon soon?)

Another hauler – Blair Fowler (juicystar07) is hauling her way to the top with an unbelievable 52 million views. She was featured on Good Morning America and now has her own Cellairis mobile phone accessories line with her sister Elle.

Thanks to the Internet, you can show the entire world your fashion finds. This week, as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Melbourne Central have launched the MSFW Fashion Haul station. Within the station you can be filmed talking about your fabulous new purchases and your video could feature on Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s YouTube channel MSFW TV. They are even giving away four Melbourne Central wardrobes worth $1000 each to the best ‘haulers’!

So brag-happy shoppers, what are you waiting for? Become a fashion hauler today!


Image from Lady and the Blog

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The Best Day – Making your plans happen

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) is only just around the corner, and I wanted to share with you all a fabulous social website I came across that can help any fashionista plan for a busy schedule!

Apply it to any event in your busy day (not only fashion week) TheBestDay is a planning tool that makes it easy to collaborate online to quickly make plans happen offline. Just create a plan and invite a group to vote on options for what, when and where. TBD will collate everyone’s preferences and availabilities to show the best plan for the group.

Once you’ve confirmed a plan you can add polls and lists to sort out the extra details, and share the love on facebook. It’s that easy to make your plans happen… Including all the best fashion weeks events!

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Y Gen’s are shopping up a mStorm!

In a recent article from marketingmag.com.au, it’s revealed that traditional media is slowly losing its power with young, affluent Y-generation consumers. There has been a large shift of 80′s and 90′s born shoppers who are turning to websites, apps and mobile sites to satisfy their taste for the finer things in life. The article also touches on statistics published by a New York-based research company ‘The Luxury Institute‘, stating wealthy Generation Y consumers being highly favourable to creating their own Social Media content in the form of blogs and video posts, along with an active presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Shoppers can use their smartphones to check prices, comments and feedback to ensure they’re getting the best deals. Total mobile retail search traffic rose by 181% in the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same period in 2010 reports British website marketingmagazine.co.uk.

Growth in online shopping and more importantly mCommerce is being driven by familiarity and increasing brand trust; with most established retailers offering their goods not only in suburban stores, but also online. Another primary factor for the enormous popularity is the comfort online shopping now offers – free express post deliveries around the world, and the fact we no longer need wait in queues and drive from shopping centre-to-centre to buy our goods.

We can shop on our way home from work on the bus, or quickly snap up a new shirt in black, after trying on a red one instore. And it will be delivered directly to our workplace tomorrow, just in time for our date after work! We can shop day and night (night and day)… The limits are slowing mFading!

Image: Apple Lifestyle Apps

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The future of online retailing is here…

Earlier in the week fashionistas started making noise about Google’s newest product aimed at online shoppers,  boutiques.com. The new product is a great example of how the future of online retailing is going to look with websites providing tailor made experiences for its shoppers/members.

The official word on boutiques.com is ” Boutiques.com takes fashion personally. Shop mini boutiques curated by style icons or create your own with designer clothing from the hottest stores online.
In other words, those heels, that look and that celeb inspired outfit you have been trawling the web for, is just a few clicks away. How? Well… boutiques.com KNOWS what you like. Based on your profile, your interactions with the site and a few other i-really-dont-want-to-know-how-much-Google-is-spying-on-me techniques, boutiques.com provides a completely bespoke internet experience.

As a regular online shopper who spends more than an acceptable amount of time searching for fashion this is an AMAZING new resource. As an online retailer and owner of a fashion business, this absolutely scares the pants of me! Keeping up with the fast moving web has never been more important. Fashion brands who haven’t yet joined the world of online retailing will really start to feel the effects of being left behind once this type of technology becomes the “norm”

And its not just fashion that this new bespoke approach will change. Think travel, books, food… the possibilities are endless!

Check out boutiques.com today!

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Puma. Loves Fashion. Loves Football. Loves Social Media.

Puma AG Rudolf Dassler Sport, officially branded as PUMA, is a major German multinational company that produces high-end athletic shoes, lifestyle footwear and other sportswear. Earlier this year, Puma Football ran a football-related advertising campaign connecting soccer with romance, officially titled “The Hardchorus”. Football players and fans sang love songs like they’d sing them in the football stands. “They want to be in your arms. You want to be in the stands. What do you do when Valentines Day falls on game day?” For the English speaking world there was a fabulous version of Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply. For the Italian speaking world there was a version of Umberto Tozzi’s 1977 hit Ti Amo. The Hardchorus campaign was developed at Droga 5, New York, by creative chairman David Droga. Droga 5′s HardChorus is on the Cannes Media Lions shortlist in the category Best Use of Social Media Marketing. By accessing the Hardchorus videos through the PUMA HardChorus site, it allowed users to then share with friends and loved ones through email, whilst the integration of Facebook Connect allowed the PUMA HardChorus videos to be personalised and easily posted to Facebook walls. If you haven’t already checked it out, I highly recommend you do! A very, very creative (and humorous) campaign!

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Park Street. A lesson in knowing where to find your audience…

Last week ACP magazines launched their new “behind the scenes TV show” titled Park St.

Park St is the location of ACP’s youth and lifestyle magazines, we are talking titles such as Dolly, Cosmopolitan, Shop Til You Drop and Madison.

Typically, the readers of these magazines would be young women aged between 12-24 (my rough guess, correct me if I’m wrong)
and typically these readers would have very limited disposable income, simply because they are students, or in entry level/graduate jobs. Typically most of the readers would still be living at home and would probably have access to an internet connection and perhaps even a smart phone.

So rather than producing a television program that is aired on “pay TV” why not have a good long hard strategic look at where the target audience  for this particular brand/niche is. I don’t think I need to explain it to you, if you have read this far, you are surely savvy enough to realise its online. So why not create a small “fly on the wall” series and use a blog/website/community to deliver it online? Reach out to your audience though channels that they are already using. Go where they hang out… rather than trying to communicate to them via a medium that very few of them would have access to.

So, to the powers that be at ACP and whoever your PR and Advertising agency is… do your research… be strategic… find out where your audience is and start communicating and engaging them with content that they actually want in a way that they are able to receive it.

The lesson in a nutshell

  • Know your target audience
  • Research where they hang out (in this case online)
  • Understand how they receive and react to communications
  • Listen, Analyse, Measure and Tweak.




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Marc Jacobs wants you to tweet for your supper

US fashion house Marc Jacobs has announced that their in house social media personality Robert Duffy has decided to move on from the business, the good news? They are looking to replace Duffy with one of YOU!

Marc Jacobs is looking for a social media staffer who will manage their twitter profile, the catch?
Well… you need to apply using using Twitter. The company wants applicants to @ reply them with their applications. What are they looking for? Someone who is able to capture a moment in 140 characters, someone who is willing is re locate to New York and someone who is willing to be the “voice” of Marc Jacobs.

So far, of the 90,000 @MarcJacobsIntl followers, two people have been contact for an interview, with one applicant saying she thought it was a joke and wasn’t interested in the job as she wished to pursue her career in blogging… the company has also said that it expected a higher caliber of entrants and that the role remains open.

This approach towards recruitment is an interesting one as the brand is potentially receiving thousands of “applications” from unqualified leads. Perhaps putting some more parameters around the role would yield more success.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Send an @ reply to @MarcJacobsIntl today.

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