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This week on Social Media Daily…

New (amazing) changes to Google Analytics!

Wanna buy a blog? Social Media Daily is on the market…

#Qantas Luxury Fail (our take)

Skeletons in your closet? Reputation Management 101

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#Qantas Luxury Fail (our take)

yesterday we saw another PR/Social Media train wreck that was brought to us by Qantas. Poor old Qantas, once a loved and treasured icon of Australiana, now a mega brand, that’s almost completely “Un Australian”

I’ve written about my love for Qantas before... I am a die hard loyal Frequent Flyer. It started a long time ago, before lunch was served in a paper bag, before work place agreements and way before those horrid Morrissey dresses… anyway… I digress.

The latest disaster from Qantas comes off the back of yesterdays attempt to engage followers using social networking site Twitter by asking people to tweet their dream luxury inflight experience with the hash tag #QantasLuxury. This opened Qantas up to a whole new fresh round of attacks coming from some rather vocal followers on Twitter including digs at their recent lockout.

The problem wasn’t that they were putting themselves out there after their recent PR disaster, the problem was that the offer, the incentive, the “prize” was a Qantas First Class Luxury Pyjama set…
Lets have a  think about this… if Qantas had of offered something more than a pair of ill fitting jersey pyjamas the engagement and more importantly the SENTIMENT would have been significantly different…

Yes, I know, they are a money cant buy item… (actually you can buy them, on eBay… for around $8.50 if you so desire) however the offer isn’t THAT compelling…

So, what can we learn from this?

1. if you are going to engage… be compelling

2. make sure your offer is exciting, relevant and more importantly something your followers would actually WANT

3. make sure your competition is SHARABLE for the right reasons (ie: because its AWESOME)

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Why a “scatter gun” approach is the wrong one when it comes to Social Media

In some cases we fins new target markets, audiences and customers by taking a “scatter gun” approach to our marketing. Spray it all over and see where it sticks. This works well in mass advertising… advertising in a region that you normally wouldn’t, placing ad’s in different time slots, or buying pages in magazines that you wouldn’t normally bother with. This works well when you have a “high line” branding message to communicate.

Taking this similar “scatter gun” approach with social media doesnt have the same effect, in fact, it has the exact opposite desired reaction. Not only do you come across as random and skittish, its completely confusing and at the end of the day damaging to your brand.

We have all heard of the social media/online marketing technique of identifying an influencer to leverage in order to build your own brand. This means going out and finding someone that influences similar types of people to your target market and creating meaningful discussions with them in order to engage an audience.
One brand that has popped up on our radar has taken to this to be their entire social media strategy, however they have skipped on the meaningful part and are instead just firing off random tweets to influencers in their geographic region, hoping for the best. This approach makes the business look unprofessional and is down right bizzare and ultimately damaging to their growing brand. They have become that annoying person at the party that introduces themselves to everyone at the party and wears out their welcome.

Avoid becoming THAT person by making sure you

-identify influencers that also want to work with you

-create meaningful relationships with them, don’t just bug them

-offer value

-know when you have worn out your welcome

-have a strategy, don’t just try to “wing it”

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One Monster sized reason to remain open and honest…

from time to time we come across a great example of how a brand is using social media and blending it with PR in order to create as much bang for their marketing buck. Often this marriage between traditional publicity and new digital marketing goes awry and we end up with a bit of a mess. Last week we spoke about reputation management and how your online reputation can be maintained (and in some cases0 repaired, today we are taking a look at how to undo all of that hard work and rubbish your or your brands reputation in just a few minutes…

It all started when online shopper Tom Boddingham ordered a special slipper to fit his size 14.5 foot but he was sent a size 1450 one instead. The product sent directly from Hong Kong measured  210 x 130 x 65cm (about the size of a small to medium car)

The first question is… is what is a grown man doing ordering novelty slippers, the second, how has the factory managed not to pick this up in their QA? Well folks, the whole thing was a giant PR stunt and not a very well executed one at that….

Those skeptics out there who saw this online last week started to do some digging using social media and sure enough the guy pictured in the giant novelty slipper has the EXACT same face of Monster Slippers CEO Joe Jennings, who on his twitter profile lists himself as a part time online retail manager.

So business owners, let this be a lesson to you… if you are going to use PR and social media as a means to promote your business, dont try and fool the masses, we might look silly, but we assure you, we aren’t.

Take aways from this monster  stuff up…

Be open and honest

Dont use your CEO as a “customer”

Be transparent

PR stunts are OK, just dont involve anyone from your business

If you are going to use PR to promote your brand, make sure it is executed VERY well

There is such thing as bad PR

Novelty slippers are for children


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5 reasons you should NOT buy Facebook friends….

It seems as though businesses specialising in Facebook friend farming are taking advantage of the recent changes to Facebook which some SME’s have found to be confusing and over whelming. There is NO need to undertake friend farming as a part of your social media. Just remember, being engaging and offering value to your fans/followers is much more valuable and rewarding than buying “friends” from foreign lands who are unlikely to ever engage with your business. In case you needed further convincing…

1.Buying friends on social media sites will not attract the followers you are looking for

2.Buying friends on social media sites is not a long term strategy; in fact, it’s not a strategy at all.

3.Work on attracting people who are actually interested in your product/service/brand

4.Work on retaining those people by offering them relevant and contextual information

5.Partner with a like minded business/product/service on a x promotion to attract new followers

Offer exclusive discounts and content for your followers, reward them, show them some love

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This week at Social Media Daily…

Welcome to our new Friday wrap up posts.

Whats with the Friday wrap up?

-Created with you in mind, so you can quickly scan and digest all of our posts from the week….

-Created with us in mind as we like the idea of a “day off” from blogging

-Perfect for checking out on a Friday at 4.30 as its remotely work related and should fill the dreaded 4.30-5.00 pm gap (Gin in coffee mug optional)

-Share it with your boss and look like a genius

This week on Social Media Daily…

Twitter hits 200 million… and more compelling reasons to understanding what it is…

Facebook Profile or Page for my business?

Why social shopping/ group buying sites arent a magic bullet for your small business

Target’s Social Media Fail…

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Target’s Social Media Fail…

Aas we mentioned last week US based retailer Target were communicating with their customers via a “fake” social media profile and blog leading up to the launch of their Missioni x Target collection. The collection went on sale this week and after a delay of approx 6 hours, the products were live on the website and available for purchase… until it crashed. Its believed the overwhelming response to the collaboration caused unprecedented levels of traffic. Target was nowhere to be seen… no tweeting, no Facebook updates and no public announcements.

There are literally thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of angry posts on their Target Style Facebook page where fans have taken to, starting their own dialogue… even creating a “swap shop” for those who managed to get their hands on products that are willing to trade with those who didn’t (social media and community at its BEST here!)

So it seems Target have over marketed and under stocked this product but what the real issue is that they didn’t use their communication channels to address their customers and to help calm the masses which continued to go back to the website to check if more products were available, in turn causing it to continue to crash…

Whats all this got to do with your small business? Well, its simple…

-Don’t over market unless you have the means to deliver

-Communicate with your customers where they are (in this case on Facebook)

-Create positive brand experiences using social media by offering “exclusives” to those talking about you

-Don’t hide from your customers, it will cause long term damage. Be open, honest and upfront, even when the heat is on… ESPECIALLY when the heat is on

-Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Image: target

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How NOT to speak to your customers/followers/fans on facebook

Language warning…. for those easily offended by bad language, bad grammar and bad attitudes you have been warned.

We don’t actually think we need to tell you whats wrong with this brands social media strategy, we are pretty sure you can work it out yourselves…

Click here to read on…

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Who is the voice behind your brands social networking?

Today we are on the road doing workshops in the travel and tourism sector. We love stretching our legs, getting out of the office and meeting small business owners who are excited about social media!

In today’s presentation we include a slide that you can see in the image to the right..
So, we ask you to have a think about who is representing your brand on social networking sites? Is it the right person for the job? As business owners, often we think we are experts at every level of our business… in most cases, we are not.

Have a think about who the best person for the job is an approach them with the prospect of taking on the role of managing your brands social media… it might not be the “obvious” choice, there are plenty of brands out there who communicate and share insights from different angles of their business… and not just from the top.

Image: BBC

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Logies Twitter Ban and why it’s a BIG mistake…

Logies organisers have put their foot down and in 2011 attendees have been officially advised that they are not to bring along their mobile phones… There were a few incidents last year with Will Anderson having a laugh and then there was Catherine Deveney… Regardless of what you think of what happened in 2011 and regardless of how you feel about  social media, the message that Logies organisers have sent is that they don’t like open and honest feedback. Social Media, especially Twitter provides completely open and honest feedback as good as any paid market research.

As Eric Qualman says… Do you like what people are saying about you? You better!

Using social media to communicate with viewers offers a higher level of communication, engagement and would provide more fruitful. By leveraging key people within the television industry, the Logies have a fantastic opportunity to CREATE and spread a positive, fun and engaging message. What the organisers are missing is that the majority of the negative feedback they receive via Twitter comes from the home viewers and perhaps they should be listening more closely. If their business/product is no longer relevant or interesting to the mass market, perhaps its time to re assess… Tradition is great, however if no one is interested, its time to innovate.

If Logies organisers were smart they would…

Appoint an “official” tweeter to show the public the behind the scenes stuff (engagement)

Appoint their “problem” tweeters as ambassadors… make them accountable and responsible

Appoint key industry people as Twitter ambassadors Allow attendees to use Twitter to communicate their Logies experience (feedback)

Logies Twitter lessons for small business owners

-If you don’t like what people are saying about you, ask yourself why

-Start a conversation to change your public perception

-Engage people. People LOVE behind the scenes types of content

-Use influencers to help you spread your message

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