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Social Networks, Christmas and Giveaways.. a match made in heaven?

Social Networks, Christmas and Giveaways.. a match made in heaven?

It seems as though every brand and his dog is running a social networking 12 days of Christmas Giveaway this year. How do you stand out from the crowd in this saturated market which is vying forĀ  everyone’s Christmas shopping dollar?

1. Have a compelling offer.. ie FREE shipping. This will entice the customer just as much as a “prize” especially at this time of the year

2. Add value by offering a discount/follow up product which can be redeemed in the new year. This keeps them coming back and engaged “offline” as well as “online”

3. Run a “new year” campaign which focuses on fresh starts, detoxes and getting back on track…

All of these approaches will continue to build a meaningful relationship with your customers rather than just a “one off” entry Build and create engaging campaigns throughout the whole year and dont just wait till the last minute to bring home the bacon!

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