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Why don’t people comment on my posts? :(

Why don’t people comment on my posts? :(

Yesterday and today I experimented on the Social Rabbit Facebook page by posting comments which were true or false, people had to guess/answer which was right.

You can see in the image here the two true or false posts I put up….

1) A Facebook page, group and profile all offer the same benefits for business

2) You need 30 people to like your page before you can see your page insights

What is interesting that post 1 got 6 comments in the first 24 hours of posting, and of those 4 in the first hour (plus 2 on twitter), I was thinking “this is working well, and people are commenting, I love it!”  I was impressed with the engagement (compared to other posts), and thought at last my visitors are talking to me.

Today I posted up post number 2, in the first hour nothing, second hour nothing, then the third hour two guys (although one was on a course I was teaching at the time, where I pointed this out so he doesn’t count).  There was one response from Twitter from a friend of mine.  However the two people who responded both got the answer wrong!  The answer is TRUE.

I realised then that perhaps the reason this post has not had any comments is because people are scared of getting it wrong and others seeing them get it wrong.  So unless people were positive about the answer they weren’t going to put it out there.

You may be reading this thinking “well derrrr”!

Obviously people don’t want to look like idiots in front of peers/friends/colleagues, however I was actually using this as an education tool, so rather than just posting did you know x, it was more fun.  Obviously this isn’t a topic that is going to make you look stupid, as there are also a lot of others out there who don’t know, and I know that is a fact.

The point of this blog post is that often, as people experienced in a certain subject area, we assume that others know the answers and if they don’t that they won’t be afraid to ask or put it out there.  However this is not always the case.  Me personally I will ask if I don’t know, but others find that hard.

When you are posting on social networks consider,

  • Will people respond to this post?
  • Is it easy to respond to this?
  • How could they respond to it?
  • Will they be embarrassed to respond to it?

I would have said of post 2 (as above) that people would respond, it is easy, they can respond with true or false and guess if they don’t know and it wouldn’t be embarrassing.  So what went wrong?

Unfortunately, as much as I’d like people to be, they aren’t always predictable, often they take things personally, are in a bad mood, don’t want to play today or just can’t be bothered.  So how do you overcome this?  Hold a gun to their head and threaten that unless they respond you will unlike them from your page?  No I don’t think that will work either – unfortunately.

Social media is, because you are working with people, at times unpredictable you have to take the rough with the smooth, trial things and experiment.

Tomorrow will see another true or false question appear on the Social Rabbit Facebook page, and let’s see what the response is.  If you have any comments and you are in a particularly good sharing mood please head over to the Facebook page and post them up….

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  1. Yes when you are dealing with people you need to let them be ! over time if what you have to say is of value people will comment and contribute.
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