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This week on Social Media Daily…

New (amazing) changes to Google Analytics!

Wanna buy a blog? Social Media Daily is on the market…

#Qantas Luxury Fail (our take)

Skeletons in your closet? Reputation Management 101

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Skeletons in your closet? Reputation Management 101

Got something to hide? Consider shutting down your social networking profiles and batterning down the hatches, because there IS such a thing as bad publicity and it doesn’t discriminate.

You might not be a high profile sports person who has a public life for people to air their dirty laundry about you and your personal life, to hundreds and potentially thousands of people via the web but you do have a reputation to protect.
Consider what impact someone with intent (and not the honourable kind) may do to your reputation… think about how this will impact on future relationships and  employment opportunities.

Emily works with a number of brands and organisations in educating its staff and representatives on how social media and reputation management can both enhance and cripple a business and their own personal brand. From television personalities, to professional sports people and CEO’s the strategies remain the same…. there IS such thing as bad publicity and unlike traditional media, social media isn’t forgotten when the newspaper is used to line the budgie cage at the end of the day.

Understanding the basics of reputation management and how social media can effect your personal brand is a must for all members of your organisation and having a plan in place to avoid these situations is a must. Emily’s workshops are designed for high profile individuals who are exposed to the media and cover off the basics right through to worst case scenario.

whether or not your staff or representatives are willingly engaging in social media or not, they need to be aware of the risks and how to avoid potentially damaging scenarios. All workshops are tailored to your business and attendees requirements.

For more information and to book your workshop please visit or contact the studio on  9016 0717

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#Qantas Luxury Fail (our take)

yesterday we saw another PR/Social Media train wreck that was brought to us by Qantas. Poor old Qantas, once a loved and treasured icon of Australiana, now a mega brand, that’s almost completely “Un Australian”

I’ve written about my love for Qantas before... I am a die hard loyal Frequent Flyer. It started a long time ago, before lunch was served in a paper bag, before work place agreements and way before those horrid Morrissey dresses… anyway… I digress.

The latest disaster from Qantas comes off the back of yesterdays attempt to engage followers using social networking site Twitter by asking people to tweet their dream luxury inflight experience with the hash tag #QantasLuxury. This opened Qantas up to a whole new fresh round of attacks coming from some rather vocal followers on Twitter including digs at their recent lockout.

The problem wasn’t that they were putting themselves out there after their recent PR disaster, the problem was that the offer, the incentive, the “prize” was a Qantas First Class Luxury Pyjama set…
Lets have a  think about this… if Qantas had of offered something more than a pair of ill fitting jersey pyjamas the engagement and more importantly the SENTIMENT would have been significantly different…

Yes, I know, they are a money cant buy item… (actually you can buy them, on eBay… for around $8.50 if you so desire) however the offer isn’t THAT compelling…

So, what can we learn from this?

1. if you are going to engage… be compelling

2. make sure your offer is exciting, relevant and more importantly something your followers would actually WANT

3. make sure your competition is SHARABLE for the right reasons (ie: because its AWESOME)

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Wanna buy a blog? Social Media Daily is on the market…

That’s right readers, Social Media Daily is on the market and looking for a new owner/s who are wanting to grow their online presence.

Are you a social media professional (or want to be one) or are you a marketing agency who wants to quickly expand their profile? Well, Social Media Daily might be the blog for you!

Due to a change in Emily’s (Contributing Editors) career and a desire to refocus before the start of the new year, social media daily is being prepared for sale.

The asking price? Modest and inline with the content that the opportunities that arise as a result (media, events, projects, clients etc etc) In fact its probably less than your annual coffee budget…

As the new owner of Social Media Daily you will receive all of the content produced over the past three years, all branding and assets associated with running the blog.

What you CAN”T do, is claim the old content as your own. The original authors of the posts remain unchanged.

Please get in contact should you wish to find out more (only genuine interested parties please)


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New (amazing) changes to Google Analytics!

Last week Google announced the roll out of their latest round of functionality changes to its Google Analytics tool. if you are reading this not knowing what Google Analytics is, it’s the single most powerful tool you can have to measure your businesses success online. The new changes add to the awesomeness of Google Analtyics and include REAL TIME reporting! That’s right folks, you can now see how many users are on your site RIGHT NOW! We have listed some of the new added functionality and suggest you click on over there and either a. install Google Analytics and stop missing out on invaluable date or b. update to the new and improved Google Analytics! Some of the new changes include:

  • A redesigned Google Analytics platform to enable major new functionality
  • A streamlined interface to make it easier to get to the information that you want
  • Improved report performance for faster reports

and soon to be rolled out…

  • Exporting reports to PDF
  • Emailing reports
  • Migrating a custom report from the current Analytics version to the new version
  • Linking a new AdWords or AdSense account
  • In-Page Analytics

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3 Top Twitter Tips..

Stuck for something to say on Twitter? Don’t know who could possibly be interested in what YOU have to say? Think again.. by surrounding yourself with like minded people who share the same interests and thoughts as you can be the first step in setting up a great communication channel.

Start with these 3 top twitter tips to make sure that you are making the most of your time on the social network

Share your VALUABLE content...
Not the same old crap that everyone else is re hashing.. share stuff people WANT to read and that they WILL share. You dont need to reveal all of your secrets but give your followers something they will learn from

Share other peoples content
See something you think other people might find valuable? Then share the love and help a tweeter out by spreading their content far and wide… by sharing you are showing your followers you are on the pulse and you are showing the original tweeter some love… and acknowledging their tweet as something of value…

Listen to what the community is saying. By being aware of your community you are able to chime in with topics that are relevant and more likely to be shared. Keep an eye  on hashtags and the general twitter feed of whats happening in the world and make sure you are on topic and more importantly, relevant!

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Christmas shopping gets Social…

Gone are the days of last minute panic buying at crowded shopping enters, where just getting  into the car park can give the most calm shoppers a coronary.

Shopping giant Amazon has teamed up with social giant Facebook to create an integrated shopping experience that is based on your social activity (ie: thinks you “like”) and even better… thinks your FRIENDS like, so there is not more second guessing that perfect gift for you loved ones!

Tap into your Facebook network to improve your Amazon shopping experience:

  • Discover Amazon recommendations for movies, music, and more based on your Facebook Favorites and Likes.
  • See upcoming birthdays and find Amazon Wish Lists for your friends on Facebook more easily.
  • Get great gift suggestions for your friends based on their Facebook Favorites and Likes.
  • Explore your friends’ Favorites and see who has similar interests.


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Prepare your social media for the summer break

Are you planning a few weeks off over the christmas new year period? Looking at locking the doors and heading off for a few weeks for beach reading, sleep in’s and afternoon naps?

The great Australian summer awaits and just because you are taking a leave of absense from yuor business, it doesn’t mean that your social media marketing needs to go AWOL…

Prepare for the summer by creating an arsenal of content that you can release via autoated tools such as Hootsuite. If you start creating content that will continue to engage your customers and fans, its a  sure fire way to have them waiting for you upon your return, avoiding the dreaded January slump.

Tips for preparing your social media for the summer:

-Create x1 new piece of content each week starting this week and you will have enough to get you through the break. By staring now, you are avoiding a “last minute” approach which with both stress you out and be evident in the type of content you produce.

-Create “useful” holiday based content. Checklists on your niche (ie: Summer Holiday Car Care for mechanics or for the pet industry, 10 tops tips to keep your pet cool this summer.

-Use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule and release your content

-Check your social media profiles every few days (you can do it on your iphone on the beach!)


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Google+ launches branded pages

Google+ has opened the doors to those businesses using the social network to reach out to their customers and engage them. In the beginning Google+ was focused on peer to peer  interactions however this new functionality allows brands to start using Google+ as they do on other social networking platforms such as Facebook.

The Google+ brand profile looks just like a person profile however there is a small difference in the appearance of the icon. For each person that follows the brand it increases their numbers following, which adds to the tally of followers, just like Facebook.

Its unknown if a Google+ brand page will assist in creating a more visible presence in search engines and it remains to be seen if this will be incorporated into SEO strategies, however we suspect that “social media and SEO experts” will encourage clients to jump on board and start creating profiles

Watch the video here

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Why a “scatter gun” approach is the wrong one when it comes to Social Media

In some cases we fins new target markets, audiences and customers by taking a “scatter gun” approach to our marketing. Spray it all over and see where it sticks. This works well in mass advertising… advertising in a region that you normally wouldn’t, placing ad’s in different time slots, or buying pages in magazines that you wouldn’t normally bother with. This works well when you have a “high line” branding message to communicate.

Taking this similar “scatter gun” approach with social media doesnt have the same effect, in fact, it has the exact opposite desired reaction. Not only do you come across as random and skittish, its completely confusing and at the end of the day damaging to your brand.

We have all heard of the social media/online marketing technique of identifying an influencer to leverage in order to build your own brand. This means going out and finding someone that influences similar types of people to your target market and creating meaningful discussions with them in order to engage an audience.
One brand that has popped up on our radar has taken to this to be their entire social media strategy, however they have skipped on the meaningful part and are instead just firing off random tweets to influencers in their geographic region, hoping for the best. This approach makes the business look unprofessional and is down right bizzare and ultimately damaging to their growing brand. They have become that annoying person at the party that introduces themselves to everyone at the party and wears out their welcome.

Avoid becoming THAT person by making sure you

-identify influencers that also want to work with you

-create meaningful relationships with them, don’t just bug them

-offer value

-know when you have worn out your welcome

-have a strategy, don’t just try to “wing it”

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